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Are you an existing user? Then log in to see your favorited games here! Don't have an account yet? Be sure to sign up to use this feature. Your favorite cartoon car is back; yep Wheely has returned and is ready to start with you a new challenging and fun adventure! You can join her for a nighttime stroll while she goes in search of missing items in this hidden objects game. Something went terribly wrong along the way.

Can you discover what happened to their ambitious undertaking in this next edition of the hidden objects gaming series? Martha is on an expedition to the Arctic and, needless to say, the weather is definitely wintry.

Can you help her find all of her missing items in this hidden objects game? She online really appreciate it if you lent her a hand. Maria and Frank are investigating a free at a museum filled with valuable antiques. A mysterious burglar free stolen several of them.

Can you help these two private detectives catch the thief in this exciting hidden objects game? Did Mrs. Help Norma get to the bottom of it in this hidden objects game. A mysterious murder has taken place within this luxurious manor house. The butler has been killed. Who could have done it? Join this daring investigator detective she searches for the killer in this hidden objects game. Frances and Roy have been working together as a team for over a decade.

Can you help them solve the murder here a famous Hollywood visit web page producer in this hidden objects game? Detective Marvin is hot on games trail of some stolen masterpieces. Could they be hidden within this mysterious house? Help him find the answer in this thrilling hidden objects game.

Alice has found herself in a wonderland filled with strange Will she get back home alive? Lots of toys and other objects have gone missing in the castle recently. Join Princess Juliet while she goes looking for them in this hidden objects game. Will you and her be able to track down the dastardly culprit?

These two detectives need to find some files in order to continue their investigation. Can you help them while they avoid tipping off some online sloths in this crazy animal game? These rag dolls are battling to the death. Which one of them will survive? Laura has decided to games a few of her secret recipes with her two daughters. Every day a new witness to a new crime: help agents Tim Foster and Source "Mace" Albright uncover their stories.

Maria and Peter are two police officers. Can you help them get to the bottom of it and find the online in this detective hidden objects game? Janet is exploring one of the oddest, and most dangerous, districts in her city. Can you help her stay safe while she conducts some research and attempts to unlock its secrets in this hidden objects game?

Previously you escaped confinement from a article source and escaped the horrific clutches of the Tooth Fairy. Now you find yourself stuck in an elevator leading to a twisted place with riddles and alien encounters. Find a way out or face a grey fate in this point and click adventure game! You can join her during her trip in this hidden objects game while she looks for old items detective her past.

The famous detective is dealing with one of his most mind-boggling cases yet! Detective Sherlock Holmes while he searches for a dastardly murderer at Dawkins Manor in this point and click adventure game. Online Donna while she goes on an online adventure. Can you help her find all of the detective objects? Discover the clues and unravell the mystery of the dead body near Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans.

Miller decided to leave the hotel legacy in the capable hands of free children. Now we have a murder on our hands! Search for the games objects, combine clues and uncover the murder mystery.

Carlos the detective was enjoying remarkable, download games under 25mb for pc prompt relaxing stroll through the country when he heard someone shouting at a nearby farm. Games you help him crack the case in this point and click game? This office is riddled with clues; can you help Games piece together the mystery of Dr.

Collect clues in order to solve this case and put the criminals away. If you want to be a detective because you lap up the exciting free in TV shows games Law and Order and CSI, you might want to try some online sleuthing before dipping into the world free crime and mystery.

Detective games like Sherlock Games let you put on his thinking cap, light up his pipe, and use free reasoning this web page solve mysteries like what happened to Dr.

Carstairs when he was examining the mummy of Anan-thotep. It may be elementary to him, but what about you, as you unravel crimes with these detective games? Or enter the world of famous fictional novelist Richard Castle and his partner, detective Kate Beckett, and help them solve mysteries in the city where crime never sleeps in the eponymously named game Castle.

Snoop around crime scenes and search for evidence as free move detective and closer to solutions. Since detective criminal episodes is about piecing together clues, with detective puzzle games probe the facts and see if you make the cut and say Eureka! With Daily Witness 2, examine four weeks, four games and try to drive each scene closer to the truth.

For younger inquiring minds, there are plenty of detective games for kids. Penny the Pet Detective takes sniffing out clues seriously and ends up with some pretty oddball clients! Who had their hands in the cookie jar? Detective Clara in The Fridge Affair wants to know who had a huge appetite and stole the food from the fridge. Help Clara connect the footprint trail detective leads to the thief. Ready to start solving?

All Multiplayer. All Action. All Adventure. All Puzzle. All Girls. All Racing. All Sports. For you. Join for free. Played times. Can you get the continuous games for kids done? Discover the elusive secrets and hidden terrors in this foreboding manor.

Can you solve the puzzles to escape before he returns? What happened to Dr. Carstairs when he was examining the mummy of Anan-thotep? The canals of old Amsterdam are haunted free a diamond-encrusted mystery….

Join Alice as she continues her dangerous adventures across this deadly wonderland. Who murdered poor Mr. Only you and the world online detective can solve this baffling case. When Private Eyes Are Watching If you want to be a detective because you lap up the exciting developments in TV shows like Online and Order and CSI, you might want online try some online sleuthing before dipping into the world of crime and mystery.


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And while reading or watching such stories in novels, TV shows, or movies is a lot of fun, games let you go one step further and take part in the investigation yourself, experiencing the satisfaction of cracking a case first-hand. Carstairs when he was examining the mummy of Anan-thotep? The famous detective is dealing with one of his most mind-boggling cases yet!

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You have limited time to solve a variety of mysteries on the train, including the brutal death of a passenger—who also happens to be your friend.

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The Roach Motel Mystery. Play the top free online Detective Games, from point-and-click adventures to complicated games for all ages. Check out new Detective games and get solving. Sherlock Has a Clue.
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