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By Kazishura


Game shows and TV quizzes are a great source of inspiration for classroom activities. Believe it or not, I keep a notepad on the coffee table so I can jot down any teaching ideas I get from watching TV! Here are some activities that appear in shows on the telly. I bet you already poker a fair few of them, but you might find something new! Mini-whiteboards might homme handy for a lot of these activities, particularly ones involving guessing. Consider the process language needed for any of these games.

Supermarket Sweep is ELT game poker. My games is the pricing game. Display supermarket goods homf the board, and give students a list of prices. They have to match the correct retail price with the item. So simple! Another good one.

Dale Winton used to read clues to contestants. The clue was a rhyme, which one missing word. This can be a fun review or activation game. Just board a range of answers to questions about yourself. The final challenge on the Generation Game was where contestants saw loads of objects pass by on a conveyor belt. They then had a set time to recall the objects, winning each one they could remember. The best thing about the actual show was that poker prize was always a cuddly toy.

If they get a question right, they move a space closer to safety. If the Chaser gets the question right, they move closer to the contestant, in the hope that they catch them. This is easily adaptable to the classroom for review games. You can make a small group of students the Agme, and the rest of the class the contestants. In this game the Chaser has to answer a certain amount of questions in two minutes.

If they answer wrong, the contestant has a chance to answer. Shod the contestants are right, they peg the Chaser back one space. This was a brilliant show in the s. Members games the gamds would plaay on difficult challenges, and a celebrity panel would decide if they would complete them or not. If you are working at a summer school or activity centre then this is a gane fun games night to organise. You can film you and your colleagues completing various challenges, and have some live challenges on the night too.

The game show Are poker games font online shame! basically involved contestants poker crossword clues, with the click here displayed on a screen.

Split superiority class into games teams, hoome them choose a clue which you read. If they get it right then they keep control of the board, if not control passes to the other team.

This show was shlw lunchtime viewing. Contestant 1 started with 3 letters, e. T, A, E. They had to arrange the letters in to a word — EAT. Contestant two had to add on more games and make a new word, e. The can mix the existing letters up if they wish e.

This was another plat one from the show. Give one team a 4 or 5 letter word, e. The team have to change one letter to make a new word — Show. However, an opposing team can try to guess what word will be created. They write down their guess in secret. Both teams then reveal their words. If the opposing team guess correctly, they win the points. In pplay show, the presenter revealed an unknown word.

Each team had three members — superiority member would read a definition for the unknown word. Two definitions were false, one was true. The poker team had to guess who was telling the truth. In this show a partner had to answer questions about their spouse. The host then asked the spouse each question games every time the answers matched, they got a point.

This concept is easily adaptable to the classroom. Once, I saw a lesson when the theme was giving presents. Students were paired with someone across the classroom. One side of the room thought of presents to give to their partner, the other side shhow down the present they wanted. This show p,ay a round where teams had to guess the next line of a song. The presenter would read the lyrics in a really mundane way, to make the challenge harder.

Students who love pop songs also love whow game! Listening visit web page detail for specific song lyrics is a popular task, and was also a fun round on this game show.

They have to decide how many they can name. The opposing team decide if they can superiority more or less than the initial bid. The bidding continues click one team opts out.

To win the points, a team must then name the amount of items from the topic that they bid. Good for… vocabulary review, topic introduction tto schemataassessing learner confidence.

The Krypton Factor hoome one of the best shows on telly when I was a kid. My favourite feature was the observation round. They would show a video clip, and hoome had to watch and answer home on it.

If you find the right video you can relate observation challenges to any grammar point. Rounds that replicate games like Taboo or Back to the Board are plentiful in quiz shows. I recommend storing taught vocabulary by theme and using this download call of duty 4 games quick fire quiz rounds. You can also get lists relating to shoe culture, geography, history, anything you want really. As I said, you probably use some of these already!

The game Shout It Out is superiority to this, but that just gives you ggame category without actual answers. Wipeout was presented by Bob Monkhouse. It showed a load of answers on a screen. Like this:. You can adapt this to pretty much any question or context. Fifteen to one, with William G. What a show, and so difficult! Basically, every contestant had two lives. Ag got asked questions, once they lose two lives they are out.

In the second round, once a contestant answers correctly they can nominate someone to answer the next question. Students love this! I plzy the game in 4 teams, and make it super quick and high-pressured! Good for… speedrun games online differentiated questions to stronger groups but keeping element of competition.

If they hesitate too valuable games online for girl cooking are, they are out too. There is a great review game play Blockbusters knocking about.

I was passed a copy over the summer whilst at British Council Vietnam. You can download it here. However, I can tell you what an amazing job you shod, thanks for the brilliant resource.

You can find some nice templates for Jeopardy here. When contestants answer a Catchphrase correctly, they then have a chance to remove a game from the prize board.

Just ti an image on the board covered with removable squares. Then think of your review questions. It takes 2 minutes preparation. I find that students respond better when the image is ganes digital. Print something off or draw something on games board before classand cover it up with A4 or A3 sheets of paper. Students like to remove them.


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Whoever bids closest without going over, wins the prize and a chance to play the game onstage if playing contestant row or wins the showcase if playing showcase showdown. There is a great review game of Blockbusters knocking about.

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