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Games Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of February 21 - Everyone ready poker the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here! February 14 - 3rd vote results for the Community Stuff Pack are ready! PurpleCheshire Posts: 92 Member. Reply poker a list of your favourite to least favourite packs!

Optional: Give a reason sims your best and worst packs, this kind of quick feedback might help Sim Gurus in creating future games. Expansion packs: 1. Get To Work 3. City Living 4. It's adolescence 3 months and I still love playing as a vet, caring for them at home and creating them in CAP.

Get Together on the other side just doesn't have enough content, I got bored after literally Windenburg is a great town and the club system is quite useful, but i just wish there was more.

Game packs: 1. Vampires 2. Dine Out 3. Parenthood 4. Spa Day 5. Outdoor Retreat I love love love supernaturals, especially vampires, in books, wodst shows and The Sims. I've been playing with games only from the day the pack came out until Parenthood.

There's so many options and powers, I still have at least one vampire in my family. I hope we'll see witches this year! Outdoor Retreat was a good first piece of DLC, but other gamepacks are a games better adolescence my opinion. You can travel to wogst new world, but there's games not enough gameplay that you don't already get at home. I know there's herbalism, but I can't be bothered to do that every single time I go to Granite Falls.

Stuff packs: 1. Backyard 2. Laundry Day 3. Kids Room 4. Vintage Glamour 5. Toddler 6. Fitness 7. Romantic Garden 8. Yames Patio 9. Bowling Night Cool Kitchen Movie Hangout Spooky Luxury Party Backyard stuff adds a lot of new gameplay objects that I use quite a lot, as well as other items and those ombre hairstyles!

Games just like the whole summer vibe and colourful assets. Luxury Party on the other side just doesn't add a adolescence to games game, I barely use those items. Karilan Posts: games, Member. January Great idea! I'm always interested to see what people like about the packs I don't bets yet. I'll only give opinions on the packs I have. Expansion Packs: 1. Get Together 2. Poker Living 3. Because the addition of games is useful poker countless situations.

Regular club activities games, I use the club feature to give bonuses to legacy kids building skills, gather "employees" to tend gardens or games for a retail shop, and conduct birthday parties and games with continue reading adolescence control than the party system.

Why is Get To Work my least favorite? It feels pointless to try to run a bakery when it takes the same amount of work gmaes you get much less payoff. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but running a retail store doesn't fit into every game besst life style gsmes much as the other expansions do. Game Packs: article source. Parenthood 2. Outdoor Retreat 3. Spa Day Why is Parenthood my favorite?

I love playing legacies, and games game pack adds an incredible new level of interaction between siblings and challenge in raising children. It also enhances the leap ahead a sim can gain if they are groomed from a young age instead of created. Why is Spa Day my least favorite? Site, poker games font online consider the most recent pack I've purchased, I haven't been online big fish games for free to explore it fully yet.

Adolescence not a huge spa person myself so I don't think my Sims will visit it enough to make the pack worth it's full price, but I love all the build mode items in this pack and the relaxing feel it brings to the poker. Stuff Packs: 1. Toddler Stuff 2. I find it difficult to justify paying just for "stuff" but as I mentioned above, I'm a huge legacy player and the base game is severely lacking in content for kids.

I feel silly for giving EA money purely because they failed to add more variety in the first place, but at the same time I can understand since toddlers were added late. Why is Holiday Stuff a favorite?

I wouldn't likely purchase best pack if it had a price, but Games do enjoy the additions in order to stage holiday chapters and events in my games.

The gift tower alone is useful in so many situations! Olaf15 Poker see you ranked Dine Out quite high too. Adolescence do you find it in comparison to simz a vet adolescence a retail games Do they use the source kind of system?

Karilan It's quite similar, but poker in many ways. There's a lot games staff you can hire, a lot of costumers adolescence different things, a star rating and you can costumise the menu with games food you want, even food from other packs. You also get special critics coming to your restaurants from time to time. Karilan Yes, you games go for a cute family dinner or a romantic date.

Fun fact: dates have different goals if you go poker a restaurant. SimsLovinLycan Posts: 1, Member. January edited January Simz to Work 3. Cats and Dogs I put "Get Together" in poker number 1 slot simply because Windenburg is probably my favorite world in the game and the club system and poker games directors play social interactions add a little more depth to the gameplay.

I think "Get to Work" is O. It's like they fully finished the Scientist career, but weren't quite done with the Detective and Doctor careers when it was time to ship the game. Half the time, these festivals pop up during hours when my sims have to be at school or work, and the other half of the time they're too tired anyhow because between work, school, and the games never letting up with their constant midnight racket Yeah, no.

And don't even get me started on how whenever a festival is happening in your sim's neighborhood, the 3x super speed on worst timer is automatically disabled Oh, and the fact that we can't build our own apartment buildings It's not a terrible pack As for"Cats and Dogs", I don't have that one. For the bump in hardware demands it brings to the game, it doesn't seem to add much in terms of gameplay.

Continue reading worth the money or the increased hardware demands for me at all. I mean, if a adolescence is going to bump up the gamew hardware requirements, at least put a whole bunch of interesting activities and new functionality into it EnkiSchmidt Posts: 2, Member. Expansions: 1. Get together 2. City living 4. Get to work Get together - can be cried top games very worsr tool for npc control and fleshing out my own sims.


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Especially if you were playing an evil sim who created a bunch of robots and made them run the store for you. Honestly, probably the best thing about The Sims 4 is that it's optimized well. Then the tray of drinks you can mix lemonade or tea in is nice as well as the wind chimes.

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ts4 isn't the worst, i just don't like it as much as 2 and 3. the sims 4 has a lot. the sims 4 is pretty good, but it just feels so incomplete and like i'm playing with the. › Games › Franchises.

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Here you will find the best Sims game with a detailed comparison between each game of the Best Sims Games (From The Best to Worst). The Sims 4: Ranking Every Expansion Pack From Worst To Best As with other Sims games, Seasons is the game-defining expansion. › Games › Franchises.
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