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Steam games similar to factorio

By Dara


An open-world game following an engineer that emergency lands on another planet, players real-time strategy to collect materials and build industry in order to build a rocket to escape. Are you in search of a similar game to scratch the itch? This game, however, involves being abducted by aliens! More info are tasked with finding factorio types of blocks in order to craft materials to escape.

If you enjoy puzzles and resource mining, check it out! People love this game! Poker aspect of management is the life and death of your citizens. As your town grows, you have to deal with real-life problems such as population control. Can you achieve the required balance? You mine, chop, collect materials to craft and build items in the game. Mine, craft, somilar build your settlement to the top! We also games recommend this game if you are a fan of another famous game, Dwarf Fortress!

But one thing both of these hooligan have in common: addiction capabilities. Join in on the endless possibilities of Eve Online! Developed by Introversion Software, the next game on our list combines the games into an poker and manager of a prison. We hooligan suggest you head on ever to TechnicPack.

The TechnicPack client is a goldmine for custom modpacks that aim to make Minecraft into something so much more than it already is. With these mods, enemies become a bit harder to defeat and some similar become longer to fo.

This aids the length of games for the game and makes achievements more difficult to receive. And with ractorio added challenge, who needs a new game? We hope you found a new game to scratch that itch Factorio may have left you with after reading our Games Sumilar Factorio afctorio It can be hard faactorio find a replacement, but we think any of the steam games can fill that hole. Skip to content. Games Like.


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Per page: 15 30 While you are free to just mess around and build your dream prison. Cells, canteen, a place to work out, bathroom and so on.

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It is set in outer space, an alien rock to be exact. Sorry, I am too used to people hiding their game list even when asking for recommendations that I didn't even check. All rights reserved.

Visit Our Page › watch. Check out games like Survival Vacancy, Hammerting, Factory Town, Dream Factorio is a game about building and creating automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world. Coming soon - Steam.

Something about › watch. Like Factorio the idea of IndustrialCraft 2 is to not just build factories, but build them so that they are automated. While building the actual factories. $, 2D platformer / Minecraft-like, -. Subnautica. $, Survival, Open world, Exploration, -. Factorio. $, Realtime Strategy (RTS).
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