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Hong Kong CNN China has announced a curfew on online gaming for minors among new measures aimed at curbing video game addiction. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos WHO: People can park to games addicted to video games Inside a Russian troll factory in Ghana.

Wuhan resident: 'Everyone is outraged' over coronavirus. How Italy's lockdown is affecting daily life. This child is smiling, but her story is devastating. Threat of violence escalates at Greece-Turkey border. Why oil prices are slumping. Two Russian aircraft cheat off the coast of Alaska.

Choosing education over child marriage. Lesbos welcomed refugees. Now vigilantes threaten welcomers. All of Italy under restrictions over coronavirus outbreak. Japanese government under scrutiny for handling of coronavirus.

Watch Harry and Meghan at final royal event. How coronavirus could lead some countries into recession. See Meghan Markle's message to 'women of the future'. Health minister hopes South Korea has 'passed the peak' of outbreak.

Games official government guidelines poker be applied to all online gaming platforms operating in the country, mostly notably Tencentthe world's biggest gaming company. Under the new rules, gamers aged under 18 will online banned games playing online games between 10 p. On weekdays, minors can only play for 90 minutes, while they poker play up to three hours per day on weekends and public holidays.

The guidelines also place restrictions on games amount of money minors can transfer to their online gaming accounts. China is the world's largest gaming marketaccounting for a quarter of global revenue, according to market research firm Newzoo. Speaking to the state-run Xinhua News Agencya spokesman the administration said the new rules were aimed at read more a "clear internet space" cheat "protecting the physical and mental health of just click for source. He said that government units would be poker to study the rules and ensure corporations abide by the requirements.

The administration is also working with police to set up a real-name registration system, and to enable gaming companies to check the identity of their users against the national database, he added. The new guidelines are China's latest move in an ongoing campaign to increase regulation of the gaming industry.

In AugustBeijing announced plans to limit the number of new online games to "reduce nearsightedness in children and adolescents.

IGD is diagnosed when an more info gamer plays compulsively to the cheat of other interests, including school and family life. A study carried out by researchers at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine showed that men may be more susceptible to gaming addiction.


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