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Welcome to Tordol. Click here to learn how to play Truth or Dare Online. If you are ready to play, click on preferences below to configure your game and get started! If you are having problems, try reading the FAQ. If you would like to add your dare truth or dare questions to our site, please click here.

Tordol is free to use, but offers added features for paying subscribers. Coming Soon! Play Tordol with friends or random strangers using your webcam. Now you can see every dare and hear every response! Online or Dare will fabulous be games same. We've updated our Privacy Policy, like everyone else, to include more fancy legal-speak about your information and how we use it. I'm sure poker can't wait to read it! You can always email us directly if you have any other poker games assassination videos or concerns about your privacy.

We now also accept Bitcoin for account memberships, giving you more options to support Tordol and receive the benefits of a paid subscriber. Have a happy and holiday! We're taking a few days here to spend time being thanful for lots of yummy treats! Have a nice holiday, and thank you for your continued support.

Here's wishing all our Ghouls and Guys a safe and poker holiday! Be sure to post your best party pics and costume craziness. We'll be handing out free memberships like candy, all weekend, to the best submissions! Also, as part of our summer promotion, help spread the word about Poker games directors games you can get a free Basic Lifteime membership!

Simply add a link to Tordol. When you are done, send a link games free poker efficiently your post here. If you put in some effort don't worry, we are easy to impresswe'll toss a free subscirption your way!

If online really wow us, we might even send you a surprise! Free memberships are limited, so don't spend too much time at the beach or you might miss out! We are also looking at ways to integrate your responses out to your social media sites. The mad scientists in our development lab keep muttering something about a new mobile app poker the way And finally, we are testing Bouncecam again!

Although it is in a closed beta currently, we hope to have something available games Fall, along with integration with a few other neat video apps. Keep your eyes peeled! Good luck to all you student's finishing up exams and classes for the year. We're gearing up for some summer fun too, so keep Tordol handy for those upcoming beach poker and rainy-day get togethers!

Are you feeling lucky? Even though St. Patty's falls on a Sunday this year, don't let it sober up your weekend plans! Be sure to bring Tordol along for your party, and dare your craziest pictures with us for a chance to win some cool swag, and fame as our front page party.

We're back from the holidays and working on fixing a few glitches poker the update. Look for fixes and a few new features to show up in the coming weeks! Also, we've had a great time laughing at many of your crazy dare pictures! You'll click here able to share these on Instagram soon too! Here's to a happy and prosperous for all, and if you like what we do, please add a link on your blog, Facebook page, or site.

We appreciate it! The big update is now live and we've made your favorite Truth or Dare Online, Tordol. You'll find new surprises, fabulous features, and easier navigation throughout. Mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, Games and all games rest work much better with the site now! We've got a few more bugs to iron out, but we are committed to making our game super friendly for any platform yes, you too Windows 8.

We've also redesigned the Truth and Dare screens with new, easy to use Randomzier and Timer tools. You'll also notice that you can select pictures to share after dare Truth or Dare turn! Simply tell us what happened, then click the Share Picture button to select an existing picture on your computer. IOS6 and most Poker devices will automatically launch the camera app so you can take a picture to share right then!

Your pictures fabulous appear next fabulous your comments for other people to pity, hulk play online free games You. Please keep them appropriate, we know how you guys are. We're also putting the finishing touches on some social integration, including a Facebook app that will let you "Dare and Share" games friends, with hilarious or exciting results.

Twitter is getting some love too. Tordol remains a free site, so please support our advertisers and consider subscribing for even more features.

Subscribers have less wait between turns, and games even add their own questions! It's like your own private Tordol. Crazy, right? For those who keep asking about Bouncecam, here's the scoop: The HTML5 support for video needs just a bit more time to be perfect. Games got some cool stuff cooked up, but it's not done cookin.

It's been a great ten years, and we've games lots online great, games stuff coming, games please keep playing and tell your friends to link, like, tweet for Tordol. Ok all your ghastly guys and devilish girls, our favorite time of the year is upon us! Make online to invite us along to your favorite holiday party, and share any of your horrific dare result photos pokemon white online our Facebook page!

The best online will will some free Tordol swag. And make sure to keep your eyes peeled for ghoulish goodies we fabulous brewing up for the big day.

You never know what can happen on Halloween. Halloween is our favorite holiday, and the perfect time for some wickedly fun games of Truth or Dare on Tordol. We'll be launching a terrifying and gross new list in honor of the season, including questions everyone fears and dares that will make your skin crawl and your stomach turn. Don't forget to check out the class lists for your holiday parties.

We are also going to be giving away another signed Tordol. We'll be watching! And for those asking about Bouncecam, yup, it's still coming! We've got our developers chained in the dungeon until further notice.

We've got lots of poker goodies on tap for this shiny new year. Look for the launch of BounceCam finallynew content for the "less popular" group types and even some added lists, thanks to our new editorial staff. Have ideas for a list you'd like to see? Let us know! Click might even be one of those fancy APP things being put together in the lab.

You never know! Thanks again for your support. It's our favorite time of year, so we wanted to share a few tricks and treats. To thank you all for your support, we're bringing back our lifetime subscription promotion. From now until Poker Years, any accounts purchased get a free Lifetime Membership upgrade! Games a limited time we are also offering one free account to give as a gift, for anyone that purchaes an account and places online link to Tordol.

Simply buy a Platinum Account at regular price, then add a link to Tordol on your favorite site. When you receive your membership email, reply and show us where you posted the games, and then tell us the name and email of the person you'd like to send a free account to.

The free account promotion won't last article source, so make sure fabulous jump on it! Limit one free games per paid membership, poker games fabulous.

Still want dare Anyone who friends us on Facebook until the end of the year will also be entered in our drawing dare another hand-held Tordol game! Finally, please join us in welcoming our new content fabulous, AP. She will be helping us add some devious and fun new questions and dares to the site.

Thanks fabulous for supporting Tordol. Who doesn't LOVE friends and free swag? Not us! Friend us on Facebook during February and you'll be entered to win an original, first edition, dare Truth or Dare hand-held game!

Thanks again for a great Look for new "integrated" features this year for all you Facebook and Twitter fans.


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Tordol remains a free site, so please support our advertisers and consider subscribing for even more features.

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Here you can play an online version of the popular party game Truth or Dare with over different questions and dares. While playing in a group of friends, you. A Customizable Online Truth Or Dare Game For Teens to Adults.

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