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In this session, AWS shares best practices for launching a game that can scale from 1, to 1, users, while paying only for click you use. Then, see reinvent to use AWS automation features such as CloudFormation to take your game to online regions worldwide. Riot Games serves an international base of players that creates terabytes of data daily.

Hear gamws the technical specifics involved, and the lessons online along the way of migrating large amounts of data to AWS.

Get reinvent hands-on walkthrough of how to quickly build a mobile game with online services like user authentication, downloadable content, and social features. This session provides a step-by-step approach to add features to your game such as user identity management, dynamic content updates, onlline data sync, and more. Turbine shares lessons learned from their new microservice game platform, which used Docker, Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon ElastiCache to scale up as the game exceeded expectations.

Learn about their Docker-based microservices architecture and how they integrated online with a legacy multiplatform game-traffic stack. Turbine shares how they gracefully degraded their services rather than going down games how they dealt with unpredictable client behavior. Hear how they resharded their live MongoDB clusters while the game was running. Finally, learn how they broke their game-event oonline into a separate Kafka-based analytics system, which handled the ingestion of over two billion events a day.

Every action made by each of theand counting Elite Dangerous players drives combined game story games font online, and impacts a live galactic commodities market running on EC2 and RDS in real-time.

Learn about Turtle Rock's innovative game server scaling logic, go here maintains a pool of game server capacity while keeping costs in check. Game developers have lots of options when it comes to picking platforms and frameworks for building their games.

But knowing which one to start with can be difficult. We also discuss publishing options for both platforms and how to create truly online games from a single reinveent. Glu uses Amazon Kinesis, Apache Storm, S3, the best online games Hadoop to collect billions of data points from millions of user devices in real-time every reinvennt day. This session describes how Glu built and configured an array of producers reinvennt submit real-time gaming events into Amazon Kinesis, using ggames tokens from Amazon Cognito removing the need for an intermediate store-forward fleet.

We then discuss how we've been able to easily integrate Amazon Kinesis with powerful open-source technologies such as Apache Storm and the Hadoop ecosystem. Finally, we discuss KCL optimizations and tradeoffs to manage a scalable, flexible, mission-critical streaming data platform. They design gwmes that thousands of people can play together games the same time from their phone, tablet, computer, or set-top box. Quiplash is their newest release, and it is THE game to play at parties, family events, and public gatherings.

It combines local multiplayer with massively more info games the whole room can play with the whole games. Multidevice means anyone can play, and multi-screen creates an experience that is fun for both participants and spectators. Attend this session to hear how Jackbox Games achieved this. They describe the system gamrs and technology they employed to bring Quiplash to online games game and explain the importance of AWS, Fire Reinvent, and Twitch to their development process.

They also discuss the design decisions that made it possible to support ohline screens and multiple devices for thousands of concurrent players. We can help you get started with a reinvdnt from our sales and architecture organization, or you can begin your own pilot today. Create an AWS Account. AWS for Gaming. Gaes Game Servers. Core Game Backends. Customer Stories. Industry Resources. Ready to start your cloud journey?


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We also cover what reliability really means, and more importantly, how we measure it. AWS Lake Formation is a new service coming soon that will make it easy to set up a secure data lake in days.

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The average game developer only monetizes % of their customers. a mobile game with online services like user authentication, downloadable content,​. by Amazon Game Tech Team | on | in AWS re:Invent, And for those joining us online, be sure to follow Amazon Game Tech [ ].

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AWS re:Invent is taking place December, 2—6, in Las Vegas. Sounds simple enough until you realize that the game throws a tons of real-world events and chaos your way. Can you keep your workload online and available? Security. Whether it's board games, bingo, arts & crafts or '80s sing-alongs, we've got something for everyone. Game Room at ARIA, Doodle Wall at Venetian, Photo Booth at Sands Foyer, Typewriter Challenge at the Quad, and Monday, Dec. 2 MongoDB and Confluent present Pop-Up Playground Party with The Hood Internet. Complete Title: AWS re:Invent [REPEAT 2] Create Smart & Interactive Apps Games push the boundaries of tech, enabling us to learn from them for a wide email delivery, discusses how they used Athena to reinvent a popular feature.
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