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Learning capitalization rules is a breeze with our selection of teacher-designed capitalization games! With activities tailored for students in second to fifth grade, these capitalization games help students sharpen skills from uppercase letter recognition to identifying proper nouns that need to be capitalized.

As they play, island will also apply teaching they learn by building sentences of their own with capitalized proper nouns. Bookmark this to easily find it later.

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Capitalization Games. Current Filters 7 results : 7 online results Capitalization. Sort by. Filter Results clear all filters. Capitalizing Proper Nouns: Space Edition.

In this space game, kids capitalize the first letter of proper games. Proper Noun Capitalization: Space Smash. Kids capitalize proper nouns in this fun capitalization game. Sentence Not download java touch games me Proper Nouns. Remembering which words to capitalize can be hard. Help kids master how to capitalize proper nouns with this interactive sentence game.

Capitalization Hopper. Practice identifying proper nouns from a group of nouns. Choose the word that is capitalized, including the names of people, places, and companies.

The Thanksgiving Turkey Quiz. Sharpen reading comprehension skills by having kids recall details from The Thanksgiving Turkey in this interactive quiz. Check this out Nouns Space Smash. Games Racer: Tricky Uppercase Letters. In Ski Racer: Tricky Uppercase Letters, children listen to a prompt and then select a matching uppercase letter. Capitalization Games Learning capitalization rules is a breeze with our selection of teacher-designed capitalization games!

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Before beginning to devise your own capitalization games or using games found on the Internet to teach your students about capitalization, make sure to review. Cruise along the ocean as you capitalize the words in the sentence! Free Online Kids Learning Games Thanks tech, I love Educational games for kids.

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Use these capital letter reading games to help teach capital letters. Really simple to use and they also come with lesson plans plus printable resources if you. Cruise along the ocean as you. Try our Capitalization Games for free today and experience the magic of interactive learning at home or school. Only at!
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