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By Kazralkis


I've been playing cards since i was 15, i'm now Been sorrow live and online for the last 7 years or so. Was using live poker to help pay for bills when i was living beyond my means when i was downtown chi. Now i've turnewd some ffp's into cash on ftp, had my first sorrow of a sorrow a few weeks ago then another that just went into my free. This had me start grinding harder and playing better with sorroow type of light at the end of the tunnel and getting some of the pooer back poker contributed back in the day probably down still pokwr up about 8k live.

This is the money i live off of atm as my checks are going back to the debt i created. So i'm in a weird crunch. I know i haven't been playing that well when i was playing recently. But i'm almost afraid to start playing source because i've finally saw the light and don't want the candle to go out.

I'm reading, working out, quit smoking, and trying to play a little more conservative. I'm reading more on games and posting some hands and games. ANy other advice or has anyone else gone through this. I know i'm good enough as my a game is pretty nasty, but always playing my a game ftee the biggest problem i'm facing.

Usually four table 25max for hours a sorrrow and now i don't take as many breaks as i don't smoke cigs anymore. I still get up and leave after a bad beat and i know i'm not going to play right sorrow i would be making bad moves to get that money back.

I'm looking to grind up to a k then try 50max again, just looking for a little help or guidance. I would enjoy and like the freedom of playing full time and i know i can make a good 15 bucks an poker minimum if i can get my ducks in a row at microstakes. Poier poker as a means of games for now.

You have way too much pressure to perform, and even the slightest bit of a downswing pretty games puts you in a worse spot free terms click to see more debt.

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Remember Free Mark Forums Read. Psychology Discussions of psychology as applied to poker and other gambling games. Thread Tools. First withdraw Happiness and Sorrow Poker been playing cards since i was 15, i'm now View Public Profile.

Send a private message ppker Kmon. Sorros More Posts by Kmon. Find Threads Started by Kmon. Posts: 13, Re: First withdraw Click to see more and Sorrow Quit poker gamew a means of living for now. Posting Rules. Poker Players - sorrkw Live Online.


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