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User Poker Remember Me? Wife and I travelling to Hamburg, Munich, Esplanade. Opens I think 6pm-3am weekdays, 4pm-4am on Saturday. By far the biggest poker room in Berlin.

Usually get two tables. You call them or pop in in the afternoon and put your name on the list. The game starts dead on time, I think 8pm from memory. They call a list like you are at school and you take your seat. Good thing about this game is if you register early in the day, you know you will get a seat when the game starts. V good games with tourists popping in.

Casino Esplanade in Hamburg. Really poker fancy casino, with probably a esplanade code. If you have a car there is another poker on the edge of Games called Schenefeld which I have never been to but people really click here and seems to have a good poker scene, more info etc.

I believe rake is lower in Hamburg than Berlin and the locals generally have more disposable income. I don't think there are casinos in Here as Bavaria is more religious and Conservative than the rest of Germany.

There is possibly also a shuttle service from Munich. Gl have fun and feel free to PM me if you have any more questions as I live in Berin. Thanks for the info bergeroo! My wife has us on a pretty tight itinerary, but we'll be in Hamburg and Berlin a total of 6 nights.

I'll definitely check out a few poker spots you mentioned! No time this trip for Czech casino anyway, but one website I saw said the King's Casino in Roz only had 3 tables. If it's an incredible spot, I can probably poker it in somewhere.

Thanks again, Mike. As far as I am aware, Kings at Rozvadov is the biggest card room in Europe with over tables, poker of course they may not be all in use at one time. So I don't know what info you have? Most action at the weekends eves. Rozvadov: 3 tables inside the casino area, approx. It's really the biggest permanent pokerroom in europe!

Last edited by Jollo; at PM. Originally Posted by bergeroo. Finally arrived in Hamburg! But spending games equivalent of a nice used car esplanade be fairly comfortable for 10 hrs just doesn't make sense to me.

Even if I had poker type of money where it was an unnoticeable pittance, I still think I'd think it was a waste. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to test that theory! Even with free drinks and a vast selection of movies and TV, it was tough. Felt visit web page bedsores were forming on my butt. Shifting cheek to cheek, and occasional walks to bathroom were just not able to relieve the cramped discomfort.

My games personal screen keeping a running tab on time remaining to destination didn't help either. Watched Get Hard. So funny. My wife kept poking me to keep my laughter quiet, esplanade that was impossible. London Heathrow. If you have a connecting flight you better have a solid 2 hours to make games We did and it was still pretty close. Walked at least 2 miles, well maybe not but that's what it seemed like, waited for a shuttle to another terminal, rode shuttle about 15 minutes, walked another poker games efficiently free to reach the line for boarding passes.

Next is the line for security. Wife's carry-on got selected for more thorough screening, but she was behind a couple teens back from Comic-Con, whose bags full of souvenirs had to be scrupulously investigated first. However, that didn't matter since, although our flight was leaving atand it was by now, the gate we had to go esplanade was still a mystery!

Games poker games efficiently free games that the gate would be revealed at Finally, poker gate of course another mile walk games All a bit hectic.

Short hop to Hamburg, met up with wife's friend, got to hotel, showered, and walked games dinner. Hamburger in Hamburg. Not impressed.

Weird texture and flavor. Thought about playing some poker, but knew I was just too tired to play well, so went back to hotel and collapsed into bed. Hi Donjonnie, Pretty new efficiently poker free games posting games. Anyway, I played at Casino Esplanade Thursday night.

Dress code: men 'jacket' could wear simple blazer with jeans and t-shirtwomen 'elegant' there were none in poker room. Very nice inside. Dealers esplanade. The poker starts at 7pm sounds esplanade this is always poker case here at Esplanade games, and stops at 4am sounds like firm end-time, but I left at 2am so not sure. Luckily, got seated immediately when I arrived at 9pm. We're going to Baltic Sea coast next couple days, but we'll be back to Hamburg Sunday.

I'll try to make it to Casino Schenefeld Sunday evening, would love esplanade meet up there if possible! Tschuss, Mike. Sunday doesnt worrk esplanade me, sorry. But if you are here for a few more days i am sure we can set something up. Originally Posted by mikepoker. Donjohnnie, Unfortunately it'll have to be my next trip to Germany to meet you.

We're just back in Hamburg for the night, then on to Berlin, Bamburg, and Munich. Tonight, I'll be going back to Esplanade since it would be a bit of a drive to Schenefeld and you can't meet anyway. If that changes let me know in the next few hours. There were three players I had to watch out for, the rest I was looking to take advantage of. For instance, an elderly Asian standard nit, playing fit or fold.

Don't bluff if he's betting! Had to laugh a bit to myself watching a couple attempts at that by others. Mostly tight players, somewhat passive, a bit too fit or foldy, so well-timed fairly small bluffs were often effective. Steiger, Ugh, level of play higher Sun night! Should have gone to Reeperbahn.

Oh well, on to Berlin today. Maybe I can find a weak table or there. Hey Mike, how long are you in Berlin for? What night s are you poker to play?

I might put a session in at the casino this week myself! I actually went to the casino at Alexanderplatz in Berlin briefly on Saturday night. I'd imagine it will be slower in the week. I would stick to Potsdamer Platz, they will be sure to have at least two but maybe up to five games of running and you won't have to wait long for a seat. Hope you enjoy the city! We're moving poker to Bamburg Thursday. Just figured out the photo posting poker, so here are a few from Germany trip so far:.

Games as in bad players at the tables, poker games esplanade la, although there were some of those. The dealers were terrible. They didn't have ANY money in their trays, and so were always struggling to make change from the players' stacks. There was slow rolling.

There was angle-shooting. There check this out a button moved to an empty seat. Just esplanade worthy. How can you play esplanade bergeroo?


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Mostly tight players, somewhat passive, a bit too fit or foldy, so well-timed fairly small bluffs were often effective. Send a private message to mikepoker. These cookies allow us to analyse how you interact with our website.

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on the Cairns Esplanade, unforgettable memories online gaming poker are created casino florida di cinema che hanno deciso di mettere la loro passione al. Esplanada Poker Clube - Poker club in Belo Horizonte, description, cash games and live tournaments schedule. Find your poker game at PokerDiscover.

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Our casino offers poker tournaments & cash games. More information can be found here. Discover our shows, restaurants, bars and club with Casino Barriere in La Baule, bet on slot machines, play on our tables games, try your luck in the poker room. Hamburg, they have a cash game every night on the Reeperbahn. Anyway, I played at Casino Esplanade Thursday night. lucky to live in SoCal with such excellent poker rooms nearby in San Diego, Las Vegas and LA!
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