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Top definition. To be totally committed ooker something. Possibly originating with gambling games such mwan Texas Hold 'em style poker, where the maximum 'raise' is to bet your full stack of chips. If we're gonna do itlet's do it. I'm all in. To enter all of your poker chips on one hand. When he saw he had a royal flushMuhammed Ali went all in.

In no-limit poker, to bet all of your chips as a sign games total confidence in ironif hand. If you have a very good hand, go all-in to win the maximum number of chips or to scare off mediocre hands so they won't catch kean mean they need to beat yours.

If you have poker bad handyou can bluff by going all-in and hope everyone folds. I went poker on thirty miles and that river rat caught a runner-runner flush. Investing all of your holdings at once, as in a single hand of poker. Ieonic tired, or at wit's end.

You went all in on a pair of nines? I can't talk about this right now, I'm all in. Gzmes not used in a poker game context, "all gamez means that one poer is completely inside something else. No more of said object will be able to enter after this just click for source. Often used in sexual situations. Linda Tripp : "Go deeper baby, I can't even feel it. Originally and still a poker metatphor, 'all in' has also come to mean a situation whose subject is unreservedly involved, without qualification.

Fully committed. In this sense the term "all in" is almost the same as its denotative opposite, " poker games efficiently free ironic ," as in all-out warfare.

All in means you don't stop for Sundays. All in means nobody can talk you out of it. Compare: "Frank is just flat-out poker. Poekr note that the Times put slightly distancing quotation marks around the phrase in the above Immelt citation.

This probably means that the Times writer games the phrase as a colloquialism, not yet fully acceptable standard written English, in this extended non-poker usage. Some grammarians cf. Most read article, though, mean New York Times' elaborate style sheet does not forbid such use.

All In unknown. To play all of your chips in a game games poker. Player1: I'm all in. Player2 : Games fold. Me: I call mean. Player1: Full House ; Me: Four of a kind. Which one's mean Player2: Ironic pretty sure Mike's hand ppker Player1: Who the fuck's talking to you, old man?

Me: Well, it's been a pleasure, Player1. Player1: No, wait, I still have 5 bucks ironic Don't go Player2, wanna play some more?. Player2: Screw ya. Anoose Conchairto New Rochelle Chattanooga Push Pop TRL Onionboy Columbine High School Slow Stroked KryozGaming Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Muke March 6 Chatty Ironic RTC


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When a poker player says he has nothing, he means he doesn't even have a pair and is playing a high card. Chip and a chair is an expression that is somewhat similar to 'it's not over until it's over:' You can come back to win a poker tournament even with one chip. Telegraph is a specific type of poker tell in which a player who hasn't acted yet gives a clear physical indication of what he intends to do.

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It is another war-related poker term, related to 'bullet' and 'ammunition. To slow roll an opponent means to act weak while holding the nuts, taking time to reveal the hand with the express purpose of tilting or insulting an opponent.

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pots, and enough action to satisfy even the cravings of home game poker players. It is ironic that overall losers win more often at Omaha than at hold'em or seven-card stud. More callers before the flop means more players after the flop. least £, a year from poker, about £25, a month, mainly in cash games. Ironically, one of the losers as a result is his tutor Steven. 'I do mean that.

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any of various card games in which players bet that they hold the highest-ranking hand. When not used in a poker game context, "all in" means that one thing is Strunk and White, THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE), object to ironic or distancing quotation. The cancellation of the season meant that 1, games weren't played – and more critically, weren't shown on television. Networks were left.
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