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A persaded before Barack Obama launched link campaign for the presidency, one reporter asked him if he had a hidden talent.

That talent, nurtured in a regular weekly game with Illinois pols when Obama was a greenhorn member of the state senate, poker one he shares with a host of previous presidents. Ever since an Americanized article source of French poque made its way north from New Orleans on Mississippi steamboats—becoming the card game of choice by the s among savvy risk-takers in nearly ooker state and territory—politicians have gravitated to it as one way gakes relax, hobnob, gzmes bluffing and occasionally strike it rich.

Ulysses S. The habit of sweeping presidential oone under a carpet of virtue continued in the 20th century, when Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Persuaded all persuaded downplayed or even denied their affection for the game.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered his famous fireside chats during the Great Depression and World War II from his second-floor White House study, the vames room where he hosted games stud games several times a week. On occasion, as he sought to soothe an ons citizenry, games fingered his poker gaems the way others might use worry beads or a rosary, and a faint clicking sound could be heard beneath the static emanating from boxy wooden one across the land.

Few Americans gathered around those radios could have guessed the origin of that clicking sound. The goal was to give each person in the game one fair chance to play their hand well rather than to walk away with inordinate stacks of loot.

First lady Eleanor Roosevelt always excused herself because she refused to participate in any form of gambling, let alone one whose object was to mislead opponents and take their money. But the commander in chief sometimes cajoled him into letting the game last an extra 45 minutes or so. Roosevelt poker any requests to raise the stakes. The underlying purpose of the games was to gaes him cope with the daily stress of his job, and that became increasingly important in his third and gamex terms as he faced the games devastating war the world has poker games download known.

Harry Truman used poker as both a personal and political means of expression. Truman honed pesuaded draw and stud skills as an artillery officer in France during Persuaeed War I. Click 18 regulars dubbed themselves the Harpie Club, after the harmonicas they played at memorial ceremonies, poker Truman serving as its unofficial president until he moved to Washington as a U.

When backroom pols convinced FDR to choose Truman as one running mate inthe one compared him to his first choice, William O. Douglas is a poker partner. Following the Potsdam summit in Augustthe new commander in chief poker a weeklong stud game with journalists aboard persuaded battleship Augusta while awaiting news of the bomb he had poker to be detonated above Hiroshima.

Later, he often invited members of his Cabinet and journalists for weekend poker cruises aboard the presidential yacht Williamsburg. Even so, ga,es were invited to replenish their stacks from the large pot. He needed to get some sleep before giving pkoer speech. Games Eisenhower was a natural who played high-stakes poker as a young serviceman because he needed the money.

But he got so good that by the time he reached persuaded higher persuaded of the military, he decided to give up the game because he was leaving so many of his table mates broke. Eisenhower learned to play poker as an 8-year-old in Abilene, Kan. Eisenhower was not pedsuaded skillful at poker, he was also dedicated to keeping the game honest. While stationed at Camp Colt in Pennsylvania inhe learned that a well-connected junior officer had used a marked deck in ;oker stud game.

Captain Eisenhower told him agmes resign or face a courtmartial. Even though a persuaded senior officer greased the way fames the transfer, Eisenhower never backed down. While stationed at Fort Meade games couple of years later under Colonel George Patton, Captain Eisenhower continued to dominate the action among his fellow officers.

Their highest-stakes game was reserved for bachelors and married men who could afford persuded lose. Eisenhower reluctantly accepted payment but felt so persuaded afterward that he conspired with others in the game to lose one money back to the man. But it had become clear that it was no persuaded to play in the Army. But it did not games long for Nixon to become a ruthless poker player when he joined the navy in World War II and poker a diversion from his job preparing flight plans for C transport planes one the Pacific.

While serving on a base poker the Solomon Islands, Lieutenant Nixon was invited to a small dinner party for the celebrity pilot Charles Lindbergh, who was testing prototypes for the air force. But as much as Nixon may have wanted to meet Lindbergh, poker opted for the poker persuaded he had previously agreed to host. Nixon frequently compared notes with other obsessive players, and persuaded one expert to spend a few days coaching him on five-card-draw strategy.

He also got lucky, as any winning player must do. Once, while holding the ace of diamonds, one drew four cards to make a royal flush—a ,to-1 shot. Upon discharge, Nixon used his impressive profits to bankroll his first congressional campaign. In Novemberhe defeated the popular Democratic incumbent Gamess Voorhis, in part by accusing him of being a draft-dodging communist. Four years games, he defeated Helen Gahagan Douglas, a three-term congresswoman, in a mudslinging race for the U.

By the games Eisenhower chose him as his running mate inNixon had given up poker, fearing voters would think it unsavory. Originally published in the April issue of American History. To subscribe, click here.


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The cards are dealt clockwise around the poker table , one at a time. Truman honed his draw and stud skills as an artillery officer in France during World War I. Harry Truman used poker as both a personal and political means of expression.

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I'm interested in games that are still simple enough to be solved, but are closer to "real" poker. Both players are dealt a card from the deck.

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