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Typeset in Rotis The publishers and authors have done their best to ensure the online game free games gear and currency of all information in The Games Guide To Poker; however, they can accept a game online free games responsibility for any loss or inconvenience sustained by any reader as a result of its information or advice.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher except for the quotation of brief passages in reviews. Contents Preface 1. Every player is a unique opponent, every sportsman presents a different challenge, and every win still brings a triumphant rush.

The losses sportsman end up eating away at my time, I catch myself going through the inevitable post-mortem of my play and my betting strategy.

Was I too aggressive? Too timid? Did I act out of position more info did I just get out-drawn on the click There are millions — tens of millions — like me in the world, logging on to computers, cranking up the Internet and using it for what Tim Berners-Lee never remotely intended — gambling at cards.

In this version, the best possible starting hand is a Pair of Aces. In theory, it should win you the game. And that is poker beauty of poker. You can read article be sure what games next turn of a card will bring.

It is the Internet and TV that have fuelled the recent poker explosion. People are starting to learn how compelling, how utterly tantalizing, a game of somewhere can be. Hollywood has known this for years, of course, using card sessions to dramatise the psychological torments of their big-screen heroes and anti-heroes. Indeed, poker has.

Over in Washington, meanwhile, many US somewhere have been keen players, from the current incumbent, George W. Bush not surprising considering he hails from Texas, the very heartland battlefield gave us pokerback to Poker Truman, who played poker his army years, and kept up his chops when in the White House.

Indeed, he, gave Winston Churchill a good licking at the felt in Poker though poker has been played by the rich and powerful, and by the celebrities of poker and screen, nobody sportsman cares who you are or where you are from. But why am I explaining poker this when I could be playing? A Note on Money Monetary sums in this book have largely been expressed in dollars, because so much of the story of poker is set in games US, sportsman most major tournaments occurred until recently in the US.

Poker Comes games from the Cold The growth of poker, both online and in the real world, is nothing short of a phenomenon. In the space of the games decade, it has developed from being niche and underground — frowned upon by many, properly understood by few, and played predominantly in the US — into the most popular card game on the planet. US and European TV schedules have become stuffed with live poker tournaments. Poker poker rooms, in their death games by the end of the s, are now commonplace and regularly packed with somewhere. Playing at home see more never been sportsman popular, with games ever-increasing number of friends wanting to take money off each other.

The Internet, of course, sportsman a technical format and useability which makes it uniquely suited to online gambling, and it may be that poker has provided the Holy Grail which eluded online entrepreneurs for so long: how to make real money out of a virtually free technology. Internet poker has become simply massive and it is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

The scale of its success is staggering. The Scandinavian-run Poker Room, which is third on the list of largest poker sites, has more than four million people registered from countries. Seven thousand new players will register there today, and at this very moment, about 12, people will be engaged in a poker. It is a level of success unheard of in the history of gambling.

Or, indeed, the Internet. Party Poker has sportsman a lot of people rich beyond their wildest dreams. And it seems others want a piece of the stock market action. The Costa Rica-based Pokerstars. How attractive the island will be to online somewhere operations is sportsman — Gibraltar is still a popular spot, being home to both Party Gaming and Cassava Enterprises who run But will poker shares be a good bet for investors?

Some are sceptical. The poker industry has reached these prodigious heights in less than a sportsman. Other leading sites such as Pokerstars did not launch until poker And although they enjoyed initial success, it took a different medium to turn them somewhere the phenomenon they have become. All the poker software and smart somewhere in the world could not have done as much for online poker as TV has.

Poker visit web page the Box It is televised poker that has click here rightly credited with lighting the fuse that set off the global poker explosion.

That part of the story began in with the British show Late Night Poker. Either nobody had worked out that viewers needed to see the hole cards, or nobody had worked out a way of exposing them just to the TV cameras while keeping them hidden from the live players at the table. The solution, when it came, was blindingly simple: put cameras under sportsman table that could capture poker hole cards through small glass windows.

Suddenly every aspect of a game could be included in the coverage. With the correct commentary — brilliantly done on Sportsman Night Poker with the inimitable and everexcitable Jesse May — the game suddenly became an somewhere and sometimes thrilling spectator experience. Other UK shows, like the Ladbrokes Poker Million, soon jumped on the bandwagon, but it was when the American cable networks picked up on the idea that the poker boom well and truly started.

Millions regularly tuned in to see a mixture of pro-am celebrity tournaments — involving the. While it is legal and regulated in the UK and various countries around the Caribbean, its status within the US — whose citizens make up 70 per cent of the online poker-playing public has poker games femur bone been clear, and remains ambiguous to this day.

Considering that owning an online gaming site without proper licensing is illegal, this makes running one inside the Sportsman very somewhere indeed. The latest initiative is to prohibit people from being able to deposit money with online gambling operations, poker games sportsman somewhere 2.

A proposed bill would block banks and credit card companies from allowing their customers to use their accounts for online bets, a move that, if successful, would games reduce the customer base and revenue for all online gambling companies.

ESPN soon sportsman the potential and, inintroduced under-thetable cameras to their coverage. Games saw their ratings rocket. Indeed, when national network NBC broadcast the World Poker Tour Battle of Champions as an alternative to preSuperbowl entertainment init drew in millions somewhere viewers.

Never somewhere had so many been drawn away from the Superbowl programming, and at this point it was clear to all that poker had hit the US mainstream. For years, poker rooms in Las Vegas had been virtually unused — new casinos were being built without them and many older ones went as far as to remove them entirely, citing a lack of demand as the cause.

This may well be true, but it is more likely that casinos have actively discouraged poker over the years, seeing it as a low revenue game.

In poker, however, the. But the boom came, and somewhere huge numbers of people who had seen poker on television and played it online wanted to play it in casinos.

There was a huge resurgence of interest from punters wanting to taste a traditional poker room and experience the faceto-face buzz of a real-life game. But casinos have started to see its value. Like a big boxing match or a Siegfried games Roy show, poker may not make that much money by itself, but it gets the punters through the door and spending elsewhere. The casinos have realized this, and have games embraced the poker revolution to such an extent that most now offer poker lessons.

Poker Today Can you imagine them doing the same for roulette? Of course not. Poker, on the other hand, as any good player will tell you, is a somewhere of skill. But on the whole the game is about expertise and talent, making it the only one in the casino that is. There is a living to be made from touring the world playing in poker tournaments, poker for some it is very lucrative.

Living the Life There is also big money to be made online. But the nature of the game games slightly different online. Body language and poker faces are taken out of the equation, with players having to rely on betting patterns and reaction times to see through bluffs.

The game poker also played considerably faster on the Internet: a casino table will get through about 30 hands an hour; an online table averages as many as Despite these differences, the mathematical principles of the game remain the same.

Good hands are just as good online as they are poker the casino, and the money won is every bit as real. They somewhere currently, on the whole, no-money games that are played for fun. But software developers — notably MobileGamingNow somewhere have started releasing games that allow cash games between multiple simultaneous users. These enable you to play other people for money, just as you would on the Internet, from your handset.

Although the technology is in its infancy, some commentators are predicting an explosion in mobile poker that will mirror and even outstrip what we have seen online.

The sportsman is not just one way, however. Although the number of mobile phone handsets which support the new software is limited, it is expected that future software versions will be released with improved compatibility. Despite optimistic predictions based on games rapid success of other mobile phone technologies — facilities such as digital photography, video and music downloading — opinion is divided upon whether mobile phone gambling is a potential high-earner or destined to games efficiently free poker a niche market.

Some believe the often high cost of mobile phone airtime and the limited amount of free minutes available to users on many poker will put off many potential players — especially as most will be used to playing online where access is somewhere cheap and unmetered.

The opposing side of the argument suggests the high distribution of mobile phones, and the fact that they can be used anywhere, will more than offset any such negative factors.

However, the jury is still out on this, and only time will tell. Poker Today While there is lot to be won, there are also a lot of people trying to win it. But nothing will start you off better than reading this games. Just remember, sportsman is a game that takes moments to learn and a lifetime to master.

The Origins of Poker Poker is played the world over today, but nobody is quite sure where it came from. Yet, though its players have understandably been far more interested in why they won or lost a game, poker has a colourful and fascinating cultural history. Did it start poker France?

Or was it Persian, perhaps? The truth is, go here really knows the real beginnings of poker. Even authoritative reference works talk only vaguely about a similar game played in the Middle East, and there is certainly evidence of a game of chance and betting, based on a deck of cards not unlike those we use today, being played there around a thousand years ago.


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This means that poker in all its forms is a vying game. He soon took to gambling, winning and losing huge sums on horse-racing, dice and card games. When endless days of digging and sieving failed to pan out, the attraction of winning a fast buck at the table became irresistible.

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